Presenting the NIO-RECRUITMENT


Employment, the single largest problem faced by every adult irrespective of the industry, place, and role they play. Students strive hard to land their first job, working professionals struggle harder to either change their stream and/or advance in their career field and finally, the company owners work the hardest for sourcing the right candidate. This valuable time spent by each stakeholder can be utilized in upgrading the skills, better the business, and/or developing new innovations and inventions. Moreover, the skepticism over the process of recruitment itself gives anxiety to many people. This not only troubles the person involved in the process but also his/her connection and relatives are disturbed. Adding to this, the problem of unemployment is grave at large as it usually roots to an increase in pandemonium in the society which typically leads to a recession followed by depression. If recruitment is such an important issue then why haven’t the available services helped to eradicate this problem? Before carping out on the available services that have improved this haphazard process by large, let us look at the problem from each stakeholder. At first, we will deep dive into the problems faced by companies while recruiting.


Sourcing appropriate professionals to run a company efficiently is by far the toughest job present out there. The employees being on the other side of the sourcing may find this astonishing as the demand for professionals is by far scarce than supply in almost all fields of work. Researching on this topic while considering various types of organizations, we found that almost all of them were skeptical of a number of employee traits like commitment, loyalty, culture fit, and work ethics. A startup usually has a 5–10% conversion rate for hiring as it becomes hard for them to find the right talent with a culture fit to work with them. Although the rate becomes better as the company grows, there are always a couple of employees they lose every now and then. This battle to counter the constant attrition rate by retaining employees and hiring new talent to expand the business is a battle in itself for these corporations. One of the most imperative things for these startups is to retain talent as they are the ones who have developed the systems and have in-depth knowledge of the business process. Losing them, not only leaves a gap in the skillset but derails the pillars on which the business was built. This skepticism delays and hinders the hiring of many candidates that fail to convince the recruiter during the interview. Now, let us look at the other reason that restricts the entry of many people to the workplace.


Most of the hiring is done through available previous data on the candidate and the practices followed in the industry. Unfortunately, these practices were born during the manufacturing industry-dominated age and have failed to evolve with the change in time. Although the demographics of business processes, organizations, workflow, and the industries have completely been supplanted and reinvented to fit the modern world, the hiring practices have remained stagnant in many industries. It is important for a corporation to understand that the days of employee loyalty and working for survival have become extinct, the workforce of the present has other priorities. Their grandparents have ensured their survival, their parents have ensured their livelihood and they are looking forward to following their passion and hold other things apart from money as a high priority while choosing a workplace. However, many recruiters go ahead with archaic hiring practices, where they usually make decisions based upon the degree, educational institutions, work experience, and theoretical skills rather than on practical and soft skills. They end up ignoring the profiles that they are not familiar with, these include the ones with a gap in their career, ones from the institution that is not familiar with the recruiter, and the ones who had a heretical career. Although we are seeing an increase in the adoption of modern hiring techniques in many of the startups, there is still a long way to go before the hiring practices change across all the organizations. Contrarily, there are many candidates who blindly go forward into applying for jobs without researching into the company and the role, these usually face rejection as they do not fit the job profile. Finally, let us look at how The Nio-recruitment service from Nioneer can catalyze and help the employers get the best resource while helping candidates get their dream job.


Nioneer’s nio-recruitment service is a cocktail of a community-based recruitment process. A platform that equips both recruiters and candidates to advertise about themselves and the organization. It is further equipped to facilitate talent showcase, competition, and event organizations. Apart from this, future intercepting employers get the opportunity to put forward skill requirements for jobs in the future. This informs the candidate about the skills they should learn in the given timeframe to tailor their resumes for the job. In order to avoid misusing the service, there will be constant moderation done from the nioneer’s end. Moreover, certain rules and regulations will be set up such that the interests of candidates and recruiters are respected and the purpose of joining the service (i.e.) either to gain employment or recruit employees will be fulfilled. We are designing this service keeping in mind the requirements and shortcomings of various stakeholders; the aim is to reduce the millions of seconds in anxiety invested in this process. Some of the salient features of the service include:-

  • Tight-knit community.
  • Job and candidate recommendation.
  • Internship, competition and project based hiring.
  • Mentor-mentee relation.
  • Tailor-made employees.
  • Continuous feedback mechanism.



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