Ever wondered why am I the one who is not able to get that position in that company. What should I do apart from doing a lot of courses and projects to ensure that I get to work in YYYYYY as XXXXXX? I am sure every one of us has had similar kinds of questions at least once. In order to find a solution to this, let us first look at the problem from an organization’s perspective.


We can always assume that all the organizations, even during difficult times, are looking towards onboard new people. Most of the time, the usual query they have is that they are not able to get the proper talent for the job. In the eyes of job seekers, it often looks like the organizations are more selective, but the view is stark opposite at the organization’s end. Given the rapid expansion of the startups and leviathan companies, more and more skilled workforce is required to service the clients. Adding to this, the continuous attrition in terms of employees resignation also opens up a new position in the company. Now, we will look over some aspects of why a candidate fails to appeal as the best fit for a company.


Majority of us like to use the free tools available online to target the kind of job we are looking for. We spend a lot of time pondering over our diurnal activities at the office and fail to research the work culture and the actual requirements of the organization. Several times we are cajoled by the outlook of the people in our network. We envision ourselves leading their ideal life and strive hard to get into the career that they have chosen. However, the real problem occurs when we see the lavish lifestyles of some professions on social media and wonder if we could achieve the same by getting into the same career field. In the midst of the confluence of all the three influences and external pressure from society, parents, and teachers, we end up investing most of our time on either exploring the best career path and/or learning irrelevant skills. Therefore, most candidates like us fail to make the perfect fit for the company’s necessities. Finally, let us check out how the NIO-PROFILE BUILDER service from Nioneer can help in taking us towards our desired designation.


Nioneer’s nio-profile builder is placed at the melting pot of the information concocted from the industries, educational institutions, consultancies, and individual profiles. With the usage of modern technologies ranging from big data analytics to machine learning, the builder is equipped to provide a profile builder roadmap to guide the candidate towards his/her desired designation. Moreover, Nioneer, being placed at the center of career, education, and industry, is equipped with strong support from all end to equip the candidate with the necessary resources.

Some of the salient features of the service include:-

  • Real-time profile update.
  • Auto updated ATS compliant resume/C.V.
  • Industry-oriented projects.
  • Live dashboards for tracking progress.
  • Tailor-made indigenous profile builder pathways.



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