During our childhood years, the majority of us had a dream of becoming, either a dancer, musician, actress, sportsperson, painter, and inventor. Only a paucity of us looked forward to becoming corporate employees in the organizations and doing desk jobs. Why is it that the majority of these children grew up to take up careers in the field they never wanted to get into and work for organizations who were in most cases not known to these children? Most people defined it as maturity in the thinking and decision-making process. Why are all of us not being able to stand up to our complete potential and follow our passion? The first explanation can be that most of us invest the majority of our time following incongruous career paths.


The ugly truth of the present society is that most of a person’s decision during his/her childhood is controlled by the elders of the society. Although this is done to keep the child safe till the time it becomes ready enough to make wise decisions on its own, it constricts the child’s freedom to develop the skills in the areas that are of interest to the child. Most parts of the school’s curriculum, designed by a group of chosen leaders based mainly on prospering industries, fail to assess the needs of the individual child. Many of the professions present today don’t require the knowledge of poems, mathematics, geography, and history yet these things are compulsorily taught at school. Moreover, in some cases, the parents force their child to take up extra tuition apart from school to help them prepare to get into the coveted colleges like IITs and later take up white-collar jobs in engineering, management, and doctor professions. This constant grinding experienced during childhood convolutes the person’s mind and makes it difficult for him/her to follow his/her passion. There is no one to blame in this as the parents think of this as the right path that will lead to a luxurious and comfortable life ahead. This confused state is later carried over in their work-life which instigates people to invest time in random skills rather than the ones that are required to follow their passion. However, if given proper guidance, these professionals have the potential to follow their passion at a later stage in their life. Now, let us look at the other reason for an aimless career is making work decisions based on other’s job outlook.


We see many people taking up careers in data science and data analytics nowadays. Most of them are cajoled by the work-life balance and the high pay that comes with the job. The job outlook, however, is short-lived and set to change as soon as the demand and supply gap is reduced. The same had happened for factory jobs at the beginning of the tech revolution. Moreover, some of these professionals come from an unsettling background, where earning money takes priority over passion. These professionals usually shoulder a variety of responsibilities ranging from debt repayment to supporting the entire family in terms of food, stay, and other expenses. In usual cases, the candidates chasing maximum paying jobs and the ones with a lot of responsibilities are the same. Therefore these people get entrapped and trade off a fulfilling career and life for monetary rewards. Looking at the current unemployment rate, the requirement of trained individuals in particular skills, lack of economic stability, and poverty; the decision made by these professionals cannot be considered a wrong decision. However, a career pathway can be drawn to ensure that these individuals follow their passion, down the lane at a particular time in the future. Let us look at how The NIO-CAREER ASSESSMENT service from Nioneer can help those entrapped in this routine can follow their passion.


Nioneer’s nio-career assessment derives information from various fields like the candidate’s responsibilities, skills, interests, career aspirations, industry trends, courses, mindset, economy, and passion. The information collected is indigenous and varies for every professional/student. From the collected data, a detailed simple to understand report about the person’s profile is generated in concoction with the professionals. This report passed through our inbuilt applications using advanced data science tools helps us to graph a pathway for the person to attain the ideal career goal inline with the person’s passion. This assessed career path will sure help those confused and unhappy professionals but also those with a definite goal to find a pathway to dominate and have a fulfilling career. Some of the salient features of the service include:-

• Weekly Skill Assessments.

• Career Counseling.

• Career Tailored Course Recommendation.

• Progress Evaluation.

• Career Pathway Declaration And Support.

• Psychometric Analysis.



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