Job hunting during the turbulent times.

nioneer - job hunt during pandemic

Let us explore some of the tips on job hunting during these turbulent times (tip: Life is more than a job, so no matter how bad the condition is always categorize your day and leave some time for rest and recreational activities)

During turbulent times like coronavirus pandemic, there is a dramatic change in the world around us. This started way back in history; since the time of plagues, world wars, and industry disruptions. The human mind as simple as it is is resistant to change. The number of uneven disruptions that happen during these difficult times is an astronomically high value. The governing body takes difficult steps to keep the economy running which sometimes ignores working-class people. If we take the example of the pandemic lockdown across the globe; although it was a necessary step by the government to stop the spread of the virus, is the primary reason behind slow down of business activities that led to many businesses being shut down and an increase in the unemployment rate. The gap between the pool of employees and the job present widens drastically. Hence, we can conclude that in these difficult times, employers seek only the best of the best for the job openings.

Let us look at some tips that can help you become more efficient in your job search.

  • Define the kind of job you are looking for in as detail as possible. This will help you in understanding your expectation from the job and the skills required to do it.
  • Create a robust application, free of any errors. This will help the recruiter understand you.
  • Tailor your application, portfolio, and social network towards the job profile. Most of the recruiters like to hire passionate people and this will showcase your passion.
  • Market yourself over the internet via posting content and/or engaging in them. There are many jobs that get filled through network referring.
  • Do some pro bono tasks to put out yourself as an expert. A pro bono adds credulity to your profile and tells the employers that you are experienced in doing such tasks.
  • Be well versed in your field of expertise. No one is looking to hire someone who claims to be an expert in a language right after executing a hello word program.
  • Do regular exercise to keep yourself calm. Physical exercise is important as it helps you in rejuvenating yourself after a routine grind.
  • Share your experiences with others. This is very important as people always like to root for the underdogs, help them and appreciate their struggles.

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