Does constant change in workflow make you feel outdated ?

nioneer- changing work

How can the majority of the workforce escape from the dark future of getting outdated at work (tip: work hard in the ’20s, invest majority in the ’30s and ’40s, give back to the community in the ’50s and retire in the ‘60s)

The meteoric workplace of today is changing at a rapid pace. The skills required at the workplace today are different from the ones that were required a couple of years back and will be different in the future. Many of the jobs have already become obsolete and many are set on the course to becoming extinct in the future. Hence it becomes necessary for an individual to get reskilled at every level of his work life.

Let us look at some tips that can help you be more relevant at your workplace.

  • Follow the current industry trends and new developments in your workspace. This will help in understanding the needs of tomorrow.
  • Keep dedicated time to socialize and understand the working culture of the new generation.
  • Try to start altering your way of work by inculcating newer developments. You can simply start by using a new application to send messages.
  • Engage in the platforms where younger people are present. This will help you to discover and understand their mindset.
  • Spend time reading about new developments in technology and workflows.
  • Network, network, and network. By doing this you are constantly in touch with people from the corporate world and are frequently notified about the changes in the workplace.
  • Inculpate the mentality of learning it all rather than knowing it all. Going to work with the attitude of learning from others will not only update your knowledge about the changes happening in the workplace but also help you have deeper connections with others.
  • Never develop a superiority complexion and undermine the freshers at work. These young ones will be the ones that will be driving the changes in the workplace, so it is necessary to understand and learn from them.
  • If possible follow the 20, 30–40, 50, 60 rule, where you will start your career by becoming an expert in your field, then investing for a secondary income, following this create new businesses to give back to the society and finally retire and mentor others.

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